Setup / Draw

"Setup / Draw" is an artwork that expresses the beautiful structure of creative coding tool "Processing".


If you are familiar with "Processing," you may be able to think of a specific idea.
"Setup / Draw" is a work that visualizes the beautiful structure of the creative coding tool "Processing. The structure is simple but it can produces a wide variety of expressions. The structure itself is an art.

"Setup / Draw"はクリエイティブコーディングのためのツール"Processing"の美しい構造を可視化した作品です。シンプルでありながら多彩な表現が生み出される、その構造自体がアートと言えるでしょう。

Material: displays, microcomputers

This work was exhibited at Processing Community Day 2023 in Shibuya, Tokyo in 2023.

本作は2023年に渋谷で開催された Processing Community Day 2023 で展示されました。