"EMAKI" is the collaboration work between NIINOMI and A-Mashiro created for Bright Moments Finale.


The theme of this work is to symbolically reconstruct EMAKI (Japanese picture scrolls) in a unique interpretation. The work follows the same pattern, as EMAKI(Japanese picture scrolls) are depicted as if the story is progressing from right to left. In order to express a never-ending story, this work is designed so that the code constantly creates new pictures, and the four seasons are represented by colors. Since the same combination of elements never appears twice, the viewer becomes one of the characters in the picture scroll, superimposing himself or herself on the story.
Each of the objects has its own meaning, and the overlapping of multiple objects forms a narrative. In addition, the palette changes from day to night, creating a stronger connection between the work and the real world.
We want the viewer to empty his or her mind and simply enjoy the work as if he or she were admiring a landscape.

この作品は、日本の絵巻物を現代的な表現に置き換え表現することをテーマにしています。絵巻物は右から左へと物語が進んでいくように描かれているため、この作品もそれにならっています。この作品では終わりのない物語を表現するため、常にプログラムが新たな絵を描き続ける仕様にしており、四季を色で表現しています。同じ柄が二度と現れないため、鑑賞者はその物語と自分の人生を重ね合わせ、絵巻物の登場人物の一人となるのです。 それぞれの要素には意味があり、複数の要素が重なり合うことで物語が形成されます。さらに、昼と夜とでパレットが変化することで、作品と現実世界との結びつきがより強くなります。 見る人が心を空っぽにして、風景を眺めるように作品を楽しんでほしいと思います。

Material: display


This work was exhibited at Bright Moments Finale exhibition in Venice.